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Case study 2

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Write a 18 page essay on Case study 2.Founded in the year 2008, Orla’s Coffees has been experiencing continuous growth with its eight coffee shops across different locations in Dublin. The organisation is basically renowned for its thematic interior, which offers quality based coffee to each consumer or group. The coffee shops of the organisation offer a thematic library experience to its valuable customer groups, who are also provided an opportunity of borrowing and donating books as per their interests. Throughout the years, Orla’s Coffees shops have drawn the attention of varied group of consumers across the whole area of Dublin city in the form of providing greater product and/or service values to them. Therefore, offering product and/or service value towards each repeated consumer is one of the imperative factors for the success of the coffee shops of the company.However, despite the challenges derived from the major economic transitions, Orla’s coffees shops have also been recognised to undergo major constraints due to its ineffective data information system infrastructure. Due to the impact of economic recession, the company has had experience of reducing its numbers of coffee shops from eight to five throughout the previous three years. The situation thus called for making a major decision towards rejuvenating potentials of the company.In order to effectively deal with the problems, it is quite necessary for Orla’s Coffees to obtain valuable responses of its customer groups by combining their location and demographic data. This can substantially enable the organisation to make strong decisions in the sphere of raising maximum profitability. Therefore, the primary objective of this report is to critically assess the current business performance of Orla’s Coffees and develop an effective management decision-making tool on its behalf. The proposed


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