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Case Studies Analysis

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Case Studies Analysis # 2 (Unit # 2 – Chapters # 3 & 4)(Maximum Points: 25 points; No Plagiarism!)Name _________________________________________ Score________ Instructions:Please write double-spaced summary/comments (three paragraphs typed) on each case study. Each paragraph must contain three sentences and is worth 2 or 3 points. Please use Times New Roman, one inch margins, and 12 point font. A. Case Study # 1 (7 points)Read and summarize “Classic Theories of Development: Reconciling the Differences” from Chapter 3.B. Case Study # 2 (9 points)Read and summarize “Underdevelopment as a Coordination Failure” from Chapter 4. C. Case Study # 3 (9 points)Read and summarize “The Hausmann-Rodrik-Velasco Growth Diagnostics Framework” from Chapter 4.


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