Canadian And World Issues

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Compose a 500 words essay on Canadian And World Issues- GMO and the Bee. GMOs affect the environment and systems in different perspectives. Use of GM plants encourages the use of herbicides and insecticides in farming (Lichtfouse, 2010). These herbicides can potentially harm birds, insects, soil organisms and marine ecosystems owing to its toxicity. This brings about a reduction in biodiversity, pollution of water resources and there an almost zero sustainability. The GMOs also cause reduced births and regeneration of other species of plants and animals (Carter, Moschini & Sheldon, 2011).The long-term effects of GMOs are usually unpredictable. GMOs may cause long-term toxicity of the organisms through unclean agricultural methods. Toxicity of organisms is promoted by their likelihood to develop bioaccumulation effects of chemicals from pesticides. The explicit nature of the GM crops is such that there are fewer weed flowers, meaning less nectar for prospective cross pollinators. Specific constraints associated with GMOs include increased cases of food allergies, significant decrease in the foods’ nutritional value and increased body resistance to antibioticsScientifically, through comparable research findings, it is highly un-recommended that an individual eat GM foods on a daily basis. In fact, consumption of GM foods has no complete approval from both health experts and the scientific community who have established the side effects of GMOs (Carter, Moschini & Sheldon, 2011). Therefore, a person would have numerous problems by opting to consume GMO regularly including enhanced chances for nutritional – related ailments such as diabetes, anemia and food poisoning.It is a factual assertion that human food supply is an interconnected system of processes and inputs by different actors. The components of the food supply work in a coordinated and integrated manner with each one complementing the other. So said, it therefore mean that

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