Canada’s Missing And Murdered Aboriginal Women

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Canada’s Missing And Murdered Aboriginal Women.Canada’s Missing And Murdered Aboriginal WomenIn order for the government to redeem its look in the eyes of the public, it has to consider the extent at which it has indicated the dedication towards the solving of the disappearance case (Cbc par5). Since the issue has blown into different parameters, the government ought to consider the potential implication of the disappearances by setting up a national public inquiry, better police intercommunication and improving the relations between the aboriginal and non-aboriginal more so in the police relations.The issue of the disappearance of the women can be best explained using the highway of tears. This is documentation of the number of deaths that have taken place in an 800 km stretch between Prince George and Prince Lupert. The documentation covered the number of the disappearances to be between 18 according to the official information, however, the aboriginal leaders place the number of the women that disappeared to be up to 43 people from 1969-2011. The lack of a conclusive solution to the murdershas often been linked to the assumptions that the government is not keen on the investigations owing to the racial orientations of most of the victims. The issue that most of the reports overlooks is the races of the victims of the murders. Over half of all the people that died in the highway of tears are aboriginal.This is the main aspect that the proponents of the racial discrimination possibility use to argue for their assertion.

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