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Canada employment Labor & Law

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Create a 5 page paper that discusses Canada employment labor & law.

Canadian labor laws require every employer to implement programs that are helpful to employees, the employer, the dependents of the employee and the community (the Canadian Charter for Occupational Health and Safety Act). This act obliges employers to provide a safe work place from sexual harassment and discrimination. On the employee and his dependents, occupational health programs should facilitate low personal health care costs, sustained earnings and increased productivity. It is the duty of the employer to offer safe work place from incidents such as discrimination and sexual harassment. The employer needs to probe incidents and take relevant actions to prevent similar event from happening in future. For instance, in this case, the employer should terminate work contract with Marcus Marques because his behaviors are dangerous and might lead to injury of other employees at the work place. The position of other nurses should not make the employer reinstate Marcus since they did not complain to the management.

The situation would not be different if the Union was supporting Marcus reinstatement because his work relationship with nurses has proved futile. Marcus has violated the law by sexually harassing the two nurses at work. Even if the Union defended him, it would be hard for him to positively relate with fellow workers. The union needs to represent the interests of all employees including the two nurses. they should not be discriminated against. However, based on collective bargaining agreement between Marcus and Lester William hospital, his firing was not justified. Therefore, the union needs to step in and represent the grievances of the worker against the employer for failure to honor the collective bargaining agreement.


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