Buying an Income Producing Property

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Assignment: Buying an Income Producing PropertySome investors purchase apartment buildings based on using a gross rent multiplier and others prefer to use “cap rate” analysis to make this decision. Based on your unit reading, write persuasive essay describing these two estimates of value, and discuss why you believe one is a better method than the other to determine value.Checklist:-Introduce the reader to your paper—What do you hope to accomplish in this paper?-In the body of your paper address the following:Explain each evaluation method.Explain which is the better method and why (be persuasive).Justify your answer.-Now write conclusion—What would you conclude from your argument in favor of your chosen method?Write original persuasive essay in Standard American English, paying special attention to grammar, style, and mechanics, and that your viewpoint and purposes are clearly stated. You should demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another. Your paper should be highly organized, logical, and focused.Running head: FINANCE 1 FINANCEStudent’s NameInstitution FINANCE 2Introduction Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) and Capital Rate Analysis are real estate valuation models. Thetwo methods analyze…

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