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Prepare and submit a term paper on Business Plan for Sagebrush Sam to Meet the Growing Demands of the Customers of the Restaurant. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. Literature suggests that customer satisfaction and winning their loyalty is the hub of any marketing strategy. Customer satisfaction is important for several reasons. For instance, customers are not satisfied with the service. they will complain to the management or would redress. If the customer complains are not taken seriously, there will be a significant amount of ramifications(Andaleeb, 185, 2008). There is a possibility that customers may use negative words for the restaurant as a way of seeking revenge. Consequently, the service provider will discourage other customers away from the restaurant. In a short period of time, the restaurant will be out of customers and businesses.The mission statement for Sagebrush Sam is to provide high-quality steaks, which are customized by the customers. The organization seeks to serve hand-cut steaks, which is done on the premises and it is seasoned according to the requirements of the customer. As requested by the customer, the steaks are cooked. The company believes that this feature has assisted them in building their customer base. The organization selected for this report is Sagebrush Sam, which has been experiencing some problems in meeting customer demands. The issues revolve around customer satisfaction because customers want value in the items they buy, problems to coop with increasing expectations and wishes to create a friendly atmosphere for its consumers.&nbsp. With increasing competition in the restaurant industry, it has become hard to distinguish from restaurant to another. This report has proposed a business plan for Sagebrush Sam in order to address the issues related to customers.Literature ReviewLiterature suggests that satisfaction is directly proportional to loyalty. Several types of research have been conducted, which have proved that the relationship between satisfaction and loyalty is directly proportional. Some researchers argued that this relation is not linear and that satisfaction and loyalty depends on the nature and behavior of the consumer.

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