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Essay Business Plan. The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The team for the company will be formed in such a way that the business succeeds in the long run. The team will be built in such a way that it should remain updated with the latest developments in the markets. Swan Taxi will be owned by four partners Yanallah, Mansour, Yousef, and Khalid. The company will employ five chauffeurs, who will be responsible for driving the passenger taxis, and few staff who will be engaged in daily office works.The key skills, attributes, and behaviors are must-haves for every entrepreneur in today’s society since the chances of business failure have gone significantly higher. The business environment has become increasingly complex with intense competition, innumerable product substitutes for customers, restrictive governmental regulations and higher customer expectations due to globalization.The economy of Swansea is advanced and diverse, with principal contributions from manufacturing and services sectors. In a 2010 report by Business Register and Employment Survey, services sector alone employed about 85% of the total workforce. This finding is important because the concentration of workforce in any particular sector denotes the growth and viability of that sector. The idea of starting a taxi business in Swansea gained prominence with an increase in demand for taxis by the passengers. It has been noticed that about 16,000 people regularly travel out of Swansea and about 26,000 people travel inside the city for their different purposes.

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