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Business Models and Planning

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Essay on Business Models and Planning. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Segmented into personal and business travelers. Also segmented into personal and business travelers. Segmented into business travelers unlike the two.


Different channels are used to acquire customers. They are online ads, PR and word of mouth. Channels used to acquire customers are through different advertising campaigns in social media, ads and media houses. Uses advertising channels and word of mouth to attract customers. Customer relationship Two type of customers, owners and renters. And the relationship with both is of utmost importance (Daidj, 2015). A strong customer relationship who are renters. They offer various deals to their customers. Revenue streams. Generated through commissions from renters and commissions from owners. Generated through intelligent capital investment. Revenue stream is personal from the owner. Value proposition The core value involves possessing an asset which has not been fully utilized and enabling owners to make from it. To provide “a clean, comfortable room for the lowest price of any national chain” Provide products which are in accordance to customer specifications or dates. Key activities Their key activities includes marketing, developing products and community management of home owners.


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