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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Business memo.It gives them opportunity to find practical implications of the theories involved in business communication. One major advantage of this approach is that it creates a positive learning environment within the classroom which further facilitates learning. The trained incapacities of the students can be challenged with this approach.Learning by Doing is an ideal methodology to make the learning process more customised and effective. An introductory activity which is done in connection with the teaching point creates a platform to learn by doing. The reflections and observations from this activity could be used as indicators for different theories to be taught. However, it is important that these observations are effectively deciphered by the teacher leading to the theories to be taught. More importantly it creates an environment where in the learners can involve in challenging opportunities to discuss, question and test the implications of the knowledge being shared. Thus the inhibitions on participation in learning activities are replaced with enthusiasm and activeness. In totality, these activities provide the teacher with a readily involving student group and in turn the students are provided with a collaborative environment and a community of learners. In either case, a background conductive of effective learning is created wherein there is no fear of making mistakes.

These teaching strategies facilitate learning especially in the context of introduction to business. As the subject is new to the students it is important that at the outset it is made sure that the basic concepts are conveyed to students in terms of its practical implications in business. As introduction to business is taught in a stage where the student community has not integrated completely into the academic system, it is important that a levelling of the students is ensured.


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