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Ethical Leadership

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Paper 1(3 pages) Select a public figure, preferably a business leader or politician, and determine through research and analysis if the individual is an ethical leader. Keep in mind that all people possess virtues and vices, and while they may strive to support ethical tenets, they may fail at times.Utilizing the Brusseau (2012) in the reference, choose one virtue and one vice and evaluate the ethical traits of your subject.


State the virtue and vice that will be used in the analysis. Briefly explain the behaviors using reputable sources like a dictionary or encyclopedia. It is important to describe the traits in your own words since you’ll be using high-end analysis based on the qualities. The better you understand them, the richer the paper will be.This section should be two paragraphs (with no quotes) and contain at least two internal citations with the corresponding two resources listed on the reference list.


Analyze how your target leader uses this virtue to manage his or her organization in a specific circumstance. Link back to what you learned in the module’s readings and your research.


Analyze how your target leader uses this vice to manage his or her organization in a specific circumstance. Link back to what you learned in the module’s readings and your research.

The two sections should be one page in length each, well-researched and contain no quotes. Advanced critical thinking skills will be readily apparent in these sections of your Case Assignment.This is the main part of the assignment and requires extensive critical thinking. Don’t rely on summarizing information; instead explain based on the definition of each virtue and vice how they apply to your chosen leader. Use your library articles to provide support for the analysis. Use the template and divide your paper into clear sections with headings based on each of the virtues and vices you are discussing.


Conclude the paper with one or two paragraphs providing an evaluation of the leader and his/her ethics based on the content presented in the earlier sections. You may want to compare your leader to someone else in the same field who embraces a different set of ethics.This section should be one page in length (with no quotes) and be supported by quality research.


Brusseau, J. (2012). Chapter 4.4: Virtue theory. Business Ethics. Lardbucket Books. Retrieved from  https://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/business-ethics/s08-04-virtue-theory.htmlVelasquez, M., Andre, C., Shanks, T., & Meyer, M. J. (2008). Ethics and virtue.

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Retrieved from http://www.scu.edu/ethics/practicing/decision/ethicsandvirtue.htmlCentre for Innovation in Legal Education. (2016). Episode 1.1. What is critical thinking. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0yEAE5owWwpaper 2 ( 3pages)Employing an abbreviated version of the Classic Model for an Argument(https://tlc.trident.edu/content/enforced/123547-ETH501-2019JAN07FT-1/Classic%20Model%20for%20an%20Argument.pdf?_&d2lSessionVal=CNaAbWizTwXj0JEyltVJ2IuDx&ou=123547)discuss gun control

Your paper should include: Introduction which includes background Information and ends with your position (point of view) (2 -3 paragraphs).

Support for Gun control (1 page)Addressing the opposing viewpoint of Gun control (1 page)

Conclusion (2 -3 paragraphs)reference gun death and gun control debate in the Usahttps://www-sciencedirect-com.ezproxy.trident.edu/science/article/pii/S0140673617327101evidence base gun control https://ac-els-cdn-com.ezproxy.trident.edu/S009174351200401X/1-s2.0-S009174351200401X-main.pdf?_tid=402260a9-c72d-41fd-a678-d80317e29d6c&acdnat=1549038022_80ff7aa612957f4dc6b1b619f32126db


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