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Write 2 pages with APA style on A Business e-mail being sent to a CEO and CFO of a company.


Date: 15 May 2012


Following previous complains about deteriorating customer services in the company, I feel that it is very essential to address the issue properly. We have received several letters from our clients who are complaining that the services by Playada Cruise Lines are not up to standards, and they are not satisfied with the way the employees are handling them. With this trend, our sales are dropping drastically and in the future we might lose many prominent clients if we do not address the issue properly. For us to improve our services, it is crucial that our employees attend a Dale Carnegie training course which I believe will help them acquire the necessary skills in handling and maintaining customers. The training course for the fifty employees may be costly if they attend at once since it cost approximately two thousand dollars per individual. Therefore, it is my opinion that the employees be divided into two groups of twenty five people each to ease the company spending the huge amounts all at once. After the first group will have completed their training, the second group may then get their chance to be trained too. The training is meant to equip the employees with the knowledge of relating with customers based on the principles of Dale Carnegie training. The training will instill the trainees with the skills of handling customers well by applying the principle of. do not criticize, complain or condemn. Criticizing clients is a terribly dangerous trend and can lead to a drastic fall in the number of clients. Whatever the clients do, our employees should not complain or condemn them. They should be treated with the extreme reverence and their resolutions respected without complaints. Our employees should also learn to appreciate clients and be honest with them. Every time they are working for the clients, they should remember to appreciate them sincerely. This will make the clients happy, satisfied and appreciated. Consequently, this will make them ask for our future services and attract more clients who need similar services. The third principle that the learners will acquire is. arouse in the other person and eager want. This basically means that our employees should focus on the desires and wishes of clients. The clients should be treated with regard and their desires should be attended to as a matter of priority.

Additionally, the trainees will learn to be genuinely interested in other people. Applying this principle to employees is extremely essential and it makes them feel adored and important. Another principle is. smile. Smiling to customers or clients is an extremely essential tool in the business. This makes one look friendly to clients. thus, making them at ease. It is also imperative to note that employees who deal with clients should always make efforts of knowing and remembering the clients’ names (Dale Carnegie training programs). It is important to address the clients by their names always as it depicts some politeness and concern.“

Be a good listener and encourage others to talk” is also an essential principle. When handling clients, it is necessary that our employees listen to them instead of the employees doing the talking. Good listening skills are extremely vital when giving quality services to clients. Clients should be encouraged to talk about their feelings while the service provider listens attentively. It is rude to interrupt when the clients are talking. A good listening ear is always encouraged in this type of business where clients are the most important people.Similarly, employees need to learn to talk in terms of other people’s interests. Employees should know that talking on what is of interest to clients is extremely important. This will make the clients happy, and that is the most essential thing.

Lastly, Playada Cruise Lines employees should nurture the principle of making people feel important, and this should be done with sincerity. In our case, making clients feel important is a great tool in maintaining the clients, for they are extremely important.


Sean Johnson.Human Resource Manager,


Dale Carnegie training programs. http://www.dalecarnegie.com/events/?F_c=1. Retrieved may 15, 2012.


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