Business Culture of Spain

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Submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Business Culture of Spain.Policies can be defined as those objectives which have been declared by the government and seek to realize and reserve the national community interest. In a country like Spain therefore, there must be policies which guide the conduct of business practice. These policies may be appealing or unappealing before the business community. The commercial laws and regulations of Spain were modernized in 1986 immediately after its entry into the European Union. Its policy framework is fairly compared with other countries that are from within Europe. There has been the streamlining of bureaucratic procedures and elimination of the red tape. (, 2012)There is the existence of quasi-independent bodies which regulate several sectors of the economy. In the real sense, they are not independent as they are still fighting and struggling to be. One of the processes which have been steady but slow is the switch from monopolies which are state-owned to full competition that is open. Spain is not formal as is the United States of America in the comment procedure for the projected rule-making changes. This is due to the fact that most laws and guidelines are published as drafts before they are effected. (, 2012)For one to start a company in Spain, they will be supposed to work under certain simple procedures. To start, they are supposed to acquire a certificate of uniqueness of the proposed company name from the Office of Mercantile Register. The next step is to open a bank account for the company or business you intend to start and then deposit the principal you have in that bank. After that, you have to be given a certificate of deposit. All these are again followed by surrendering a public deed of incorporation before a public notary, it takes a day and charges approximately €500 depending on the share capital amount you have and the complex nature of the process. Submit the

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