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Business Communication Skills

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(Title: Excellence in Business Communication Edition: 12th Authors: Thill, J. V., & Bovée, C. L.)Business Communication Skills PresentationComplete Exercise 14.30, “Presentations: Designing Presentation Visuals” on p. 475 of the text using the presentation software of your choice such as PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, or other, and what you learned about visual design. Your presentation should be at least 7 slides and include the following:  What is the purpose?Skip the Stock TemplateDon’t Use More than 6 Lines of TextDitch the Bullet PointsUse Sans Serif FontsSize Fonts AppropriatelyMaintain a Strong Contrast Between Text and BackgroundUse No More than 5 ColorsUse Contrasting Text Colors to Draw AttentionUse Single ImagesUse Visuals to Increase Emotional AppealFreeze the Transitions between slidesThe conclusionUse APA citations when neededBasic Elements of a PowerPoint


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