Business case analyse

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Compose a 1000 words essay on Business case analyse. In the assessment internal aspects of the partnership between Woolworths and eBay, the study focused on the utilization of SWOT analysis tool. This provides the opportunity to assess the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities in relation to business activities of the two major business entities in the case of Australia.The partnership will have the opportunity to enhance Woolworth’s market coverage through the integration of adequate resources to address consumers needs. Secondly, the approach will provide a new convenient and flexible approach for customers to handle their needs and preferences. Similarly, the approach will enable eBay to cut down logistic costs while enabling Woolworths to increase its stock, as well as number of customers for the products.One of the major weaknesses of the partnership is the likelihood of loss of employment for employees involved in the delivery of products, as well as increased competition for the retailers from Woolworths. Additionally, the partnership might affect the image and reputation of the entities in the global context.One of the opportunities to decrease the cost of transportation and logistics since customers will click and collect their products at appropriate destinations. The entities might use this platform to enhance their business relationship with the intention of increasing their market share in other locations within Australia.The Woolworths/eBay will have to deal with diverse lawsuits concerning violation of antitrust regulations. In addition, the damage to the image and reputation of the two entities might affect their global transactions, thus a massive reduction in the volume of revenues and profitability levels at the end of the fiscal period.In the achievement of this goal, the study focused on the utilization of the PEST analysis tool, thus assessment of the political, economic, social, and technological

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