Building an Incident-Free Culture

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Assignment

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Building an Incident-Free Culture.

Corporations can save the amount spent on rectifying technological failures and employee compensation by embracing safety as a core value in the organization. Anderson and Lorber provide proof that it is possible to reduce and eliminate accidents and incidents in the workplace (Anderson and Lorber, 2006).Anderson and Lorber state that most organizations employ safety procedures in an effort to reduce incidents in the workplace. However, these efforts are at times futile and organizations continue to suffer the losses associated with accidents and incidents. Anderson and Lorber explain that the unsuccessful efforts in creating a safety plan are a result of eliminating some critical elements important in the establishment of a safety plan. Embracing safety can be a success through a combined effort among the executive team, supervisors, and employees. The authors mention individual commitment is the key factor to consider when creating an organization’s safety plan.

Anderson and Lorber provide the safety 24/7 process, which has proven effective in reducing and eliminating incidents at home and at work. However, Anderson and Lorber emphasize that achieving the targets of a safety plan requires individuals to approach the process with an open mind. Learning the safety process in their hearts will guarantee success (Anderson and Lorber, 2006).Anderson and Lorber mention that implementing the safety 24/7 process relies on the corporation of employees in an organization. These are an executive team, supervisory personnel, and other employees in an organization. The executive team has the responsibility of building a culture of safety in an organization. The supervisory team is responsible for motivating their teams to work safely. Finally, other members of the organization need to beware of their behaviors. Employees need to examine how their behaviors influence the safety measure put in place by the organization.

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