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Building a website for a hotel business

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Maria is starting a pet hotel and needs a website to promote her business and establish her brand. Which of the following is the best way for Maria to generate her site?

Question 1 options: Maria should learn HTML coding and create the site from scratch. Maria should outsource the development of her site to a web design firm. Maria should use a turnkey solution that will allow her to use templates and management tools to create the site. Maria should focus on her print materials to avoid the expense of hosting a website.What are Mac OS, Windows, and Linux examples of?

Question 2 options: Hardware Smartphones Hard drives Operating systems What is one of the very first things to do when planning your website?

Question 3 options: Focus on search engine rankings. Check for pixalization. Choose a unified color scheme. Register your domain name. According to Harvey MacKay, a goal is a dream with

Question 4 options: wings.practical applications real promise a plan and a deadline. Your reputation and credibility will be immediately destroyed if your website contains

Question 5 options: mediocre content.grammatical errors.special offers.requests for email addresses.A _______ is a computer that provides data and other services to other computers and devices.

Question 6 options: clientserverperipheralaccessory Which of the following is one of the top three mistakes in website design?

Question 7 options: Too much visual clutter Too many social media connections Duplicate names Complicated wording What can you do if you aren’t sure how to create good content for your website?

Question 8 options: Hire a copywriter. Stick with headings and captions.Write anything to fill the page.Add more video links._______ is a third-party certification seal program that verifies that a business protects confidential information with SSL encryption.

Question 10 options: Yahoo!GoogleGoDaddyVeriSignTwo types of software that are mandatory for any business are an accounting program and a

Question 19 options: security suite.gaming program.photography program.music-sharing service.


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