Budgetary nuances among private sector

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Assignment

When examining the budgetary nuances among the private sector, governmental sector and nonprofit sector – it is clear that there are a number of significant differences among the three. Private sector corporations answer to shareholders (the owners) on business matters – the ultimate goal and mission of a for-profit corporation is to make as much money (profits) as possible…….increase the bottom line each and every year. Governments are in place to do “the public good” by providing a myriad of services and programs to different stakeholder groups while attempting to hold the line on the amount of money that they require from taxpayers in order to fulfill the mission. Closely related, a nonprofit agency sets a mission to address a cause(s) and raises revenues through different means in order to do so. It answers to its board of directors as well as its supporters (both financially and those who volunteer time/effort). THE QUESTION Each one of these organizations is facing a financial and perhaps ethical dilemma……….They all have a good, service or program (depending on the sector) that is consistently losing money. Review each of the three sectors, how would you describe and address this problem. What are the different factors that would come into play (i.e. stakeholder reaction/pressure, financial ramifications, issues with organizational morale, etc). Moreover, is it acceptable for a governmental jurisdiction to continue to maintain and finance a service/program that is losing money?

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