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BMW and Mercedes-Benz

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Write an argumentative essay on BMW and Mercedes-Benz: Marketing Techniques. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.The assignment “BMW and Mercedes-Benz: Marketing Techniques” seeks to compare, contrast and evaluate the marketing strategies employed by two companies – BMW and Mercedes-Benz, automobile companies that are in a constant competition. These two companies have been selected since they manufacture same commodities making them global rivals. Both Mercedes-Benz and BMW are famous for their consistent manufacture and sale of quality motor vehicles and the paraphernalia. The two companies have a long history of supplying the automobile market with very sophisticated and efficient different car types. It is this innovative nature of the companies that has always led to the satisfaction of millions of customers worldwide. BMW Company tends to specialize on the manufacture and sale of premium segments of the automobiles. The premium segmentation has enabled BMW to produce well built and superior cars that have, in return, drawn the attention of numerous customers in the world market and, has also retained the loyalty of the existing buyers. The high-quality vehicles have, therefore, led to the annual increase in sale and hence profit growth. Mercedes-Benz also practices the premium segmentation and has been very successful in designing quality and durable cars through this. However, Mercedes-Benz has been making efforts to manufacture a variety of car models that target the interest of the young generation. BMW models though exist in different sizes, have been criticized as conservative.


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