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Blossoming garden centre

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Compose a 2750 words assignment on the blossoming garden centre. According to Mr. Gordon Rose, there should be a positive attitude always towards the customers, as they bring business to the concern. Thus, there should be no failure in the skills used for effective customer service. Customer satisfaction is the main area of interest for this concern. Blossoming Garden Centre case study deals mainly with the training of the staffs which could meet the requirements of the employee legislation, product knowledge as well as sufficient acquaintance to meet the instant needs of the customers which would improve the business and assist in attaining competitive advantages.&nbsp.Considering these facts, the paper intends to summarise the system of providing training to the employees in Blossoming Garden Centre with the assistance of Learning and Development approach. Through the discussion, the paper will also focus on suggesting a systematic process in order to implement the approach with due significance to the Kolb’s Learning Cycle model.&nbsp.Blossoming Garden Centre is located on the borderline of Lily Rose town where the populace is mostly employed. The booming industries in that region are tourism and entertainment is focussed on recreational services. The organization uses the approach of Learning and Development as an activity, to enhance the skills and behavioral changes of employees. The Learning and Development process involves three most important phases which are, developing the skills of the individual employees, refining the staffs of the organization and to offer expert training which will facilitate both organization and individual improvement.&nbsp.


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