Biological aspects of health and disease

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Argumentative essay on Biological Aspects of health and Disease (Bio-psychology). Needs to be 8 pages. This is the key to the functioning of the hypothalamus since it it the trigger of electron transducers to initiate the transfer of information such as sexual lust to the hypothalamus which then decodes and send beck the information to the endocrine system to produce estrogen hormone and other hormones which are involved in the sexual feelingThe hypothalamus- pituitary adrenal axis is a well-coordinated relation. Hormones are released by the endocrine system as a result of stimulation or excitation by the autonomic nervous system, Watson & Skinner (1927) they are then transferred through the neural transmitters to the central nervous system via the spinal code then eventually to the brain, where the information is assembled and analyzed on different parts of the brain such as the hypothalamus. Feedback is then processed and sent back to the peripheral nervous system, for instance sleep is induced.The main areas of brain are the frontal lobe, parietal lobes, temporal lobes, occipital lobes, brain stem and cerebellum. Frontal lobes are the most anterior right of the forehead and detect individual’s consciousness, initiates the response within the environment, and controls individual’s emotional and expressive response (Dziegielewski & Leon, 2001, pp123-167). Parietal lobes is situated at the back and above the head and mainly performs of locating the visual attention and touch perception, controlling of the voluntary movements and manipulations of substances coupled with the integration of diverse senses that mainly permits comprehension of single concept (Kearney & Trull, 2011, pp234-289). Temporal lobes are situated at the side of the head on top of the ears and aids in the hearing activity, memory achievements, visual discernments and classification of the objects. Occipital lobes are the posterior section of the brain found at the back of the head and mainly

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