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Bilingual education

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Write a 6 pages paper on the argument for for against bilingual education. The fundamental idea was to teach the immigrants students other subjects in their native language so that they cannot lag behind their English-speaking peers. Proponents of bilingual education argue that through such practice, the immigrants learn the English language quickly and catch up with their English-speaking peers within no time. On the other hand, pro-English oppose bilingual education stating that it is costly and in the end the students are less proficient in the English language (Mujica, 2003). The argument for or against bilingual education may never end. However, the cost implication of bilingual education appears to outweigh its benefits. .For the past thirty years, the U.S. government has spent billions of dollars in financing the bilingual education program. However, numerous researches have shown that the beneficiaries of this program still lag behind academically. Pro English opposing the program argue that it creates segregation by language in public schools that result in social isolation. In addition, discrimination lowers the student’s self-esteem, leads to poor academic performance, and contributes significantly to the high dropout rate experienced in public schools. Proponents of bilingual education argue that such an argument is based on misconceptions about the objective of the program (Kleven, 2007). They further argue bilingual education program does not promote segregation. on the contrary, it serves to promote equality among the students since they gain proficiency in the English language rapidly. As a result, they are merged with their English-speaking peers after a while. Such an argument is not factual and reliable since different children have different aptitudes ability. The ability of the students to catch up with another English speaking solely depends on the brilliance of the student.

Pro-English have been in support of the government to move to end the bilingual education model.


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