Berlin blockade

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Write a 8 page essay on Berlin blockade/ cold war.The Berlin blockade was motivated by a series of events. In February 1945 the heads of government of the USA, United Kingdom and the Soviet Union held a meeting during the 2nd world war where they agreed that Germany was to undergo demilitarization and denazification so as to avoid the occurrence of another world war. They agreed to divide Germany into three zones each of which would be occupied by the three principal powers (United States, United Kingdom and the Soviet Union). The Zones of occupation of USA and United Kingdom were to be curved out so as to give France a zone of occupation. After the conference, no one among the major principles (Franklin D.rosevelt, Winston Churchill and soviet leader Joseph Stalin) left satisfied as each had his own agendas. This resulted to mistrust among the three leaders thus deepening silent differentiation of ideas which led to the commencement of the cold after Yalta conference (Wettig 75-80).Between 1945 and1948, the United States of America and the United Kingdom were trying to restore a new Germany secretly after the reparations of the 2nd world war. However despite announcing the creation of a new Germany in January 1948, it was very hard to take full control of Germany as they had only been given the western part of Berlin during the Yalta conference while their soviet counterparts had control of the eastern side. The efforts by the western powers to restore Germany were viewed by Joseph Stalin (the leader of the Soviet Union) as a direct attack. Regarding the previous confrontation between Germany and Russia, Stalin saw it as a plan of raising Germany back to power. In June 1 1948, crises between the two powers started when soviet powers blocked the road, rail and water access to the allied controlled areas of Berlin. Starlin claimed that he had caused the blockade so as to defend the German economy against a new currency while the western powers interpreted this to mean that he was trying to

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