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Belly dance as an artifact

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Write 11 pages thesis on the topic belly dance as an artifact. This paper, therefore, focuses on studying the current use of belly dance about intercultural communication. Intercultural communication theory is applied in explaining the processes that naturally characterize the interaction of persons with different ethnic backgrounds, other religions, diverse educational experiences, and various social systems in manners of exchanging information or messages (communication). Although used synonymously with cross-cultural communication, the latter relates to how people with different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures perceive and interpret the world within which they live.&nbsp.


Originating from the Middle East, belly dance means a kind of a dance that involves a single or even many persons, has its basis on ‘torso articulation’, and adopts varying forms depending on country and region. The main differences are brought out by costumes, style of dancing, and popularity. This implies that the dance, as is practiced within different areas of the globe, has a difference in meaning influenced by body moves and adopted styles. As the intercultural theory in communication shows, interpreting non-verbal language may vary from one region to another or from one culture to another. However, just as is required of any other form of dance style, correct general moves must be emphasized, and the belly-dance emphasizes kinesiological posture. The dance also adopts definite techniques, which include percussive, fluid, shivers, and vibrations kind of movements depending on the region it is practiced.

Various artifacts found within many areas of the world show belly dancing attributes with slight and particulate differences being established with their discovery areas. Besides, the name belly dance is ascribed to western culture as distinct names were in use within other regions such as the Arab regions of the Middle East. Discussion

Differences in cultures influence what kind of message is intended to be conveyed, how the messages are described, and how the letters are interpreted. Besides alluding to the language of communication, the intercultural theory focuses on attributes of social nature, patterns of thought, and background of cultures of people while examining the process of communication through such means as mass media (Schuch, nd). Various factors influence intercultural communication, such as globalization, globalization, international terrorism, increased travel, and trade.


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