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Your assignment this week is to help new employees become successful in their new jobs. You want to tell them how to harness the power of grit, growth, and the creator mindset. To provide this orientation for new hires, please create a PowerPoint presentation. Use the template to prepare your assignment. Follow the examples for aesthetics (typography, screen design, media, white space, and color pattern) while also including notes for each slide. Review the Multimedia Screen Design PowerPoint presentation to get some great advice on how to use color, fonts, and page design to create an easy to read, pleasing to view presentation. These new employees have not heard about these concepts before, so be sure to:

1.    Describe each term (grit, growth mindset, victim mindset, creator mindset and others that you may choose to include)

2.    Give examples of each concept

3.    Suggest ways in which the employee can demonstrate the concepts that will help them be successful

4.    Describe what consequences may arise if the employee does not demonstrate the desired concepts. You will attach the PowerPoint presentation to the assignment dropbox (do not type directly into the dropbox).Refer to the Pocket Keys for Writers (chapter 4e) to refresh your memory on presenting material through PowerPoint presentations; (chapters 8b and 8c) to refresh your memory on summarizing, paraphrasing, and directly quoting the source material.

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