Behavioral analysis

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Write a 4 page essay on Behavioral Analysis.It has a PE ratio of 27.9, and there are about 12 stock trade analysts rating Biogen as a Buy neither a sell nor a hold company. Average volume for Biogen has been 2.0 million dollars shares daily for 30 days annually. It has a market cap of 90.8 billion dollars and is a part of the medical sector and drug companies. Biogen stock has a beta of 0.62 and a short float of 1.3 percent with 0.89 days to cover. Biogen shares are up 13.7 percent annually of the close of trading monthly.According to the Street Quant Ratings, Biogen is a rate as a buy and the company’s strength exists in many areas. For example, the solid stock price performance, impressive record of earnings per share growth, and compelling growth net income. Others include robust revenue growth and largely solid financial status with reasonable debt levels by most measures.According to the recent highlight analysis of the Biogen company ratings, influenced by its outstanding earnings growth of 72.77 percent and other vital driving factors. The stock of the company languished by 30.23 percent over the past years outsmarting the performance of the S&P 500 index rating the same time. BIIB irrespective of numerous stock market challenges would maintain despite enjoying fabulous gains in the past year. Biogen Company has recorded significant earnings per share creating improvement in the recent quarter compared to the previous quarter. Company shows a pattern of positive earnings per share growth over a period of two years. In every fiscal year, the company increases its bottom-line profits by the rate of 12.39 dollars compared to 7.82 of the past years. Besides, the market anticipates much increase in the earnings of 16.78 dollars from 12.39 dollars (The Street Wire 2015, p.1).The company depending on the net income growth from the same quarter a year ago significantly outperformed against the S&P 500.The rate exceeded other sectors such as Biotechnology industry average. When compared to the

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