Behavior change

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Write 9 pages thesis on the topic behavior change of healthcare professionals and practitioners. An individual’s ability to perform a challenging task may be motivated by past engagements in similar tasks. There are a number of factors that surround the self-efficacy theory. One has to put some effort into performing a task that is perceived to be challenging. Pundits argue that the theory is quite predictable to the extent that an individual’s effort directed towards performing a task can be analyzed, evaluated and verified. To this extent, behavior change can be traced and reasons for change verified (Burbank & Riebe, 2002 p. 56). This theory has got unique insights behind it. An individual’s wellbeing, the environment, and behavioral issues are major factors of change. Every one of the individual elements are cannot stand alone, neither can they operate in isolation of the other to bring about change. In essence, it means that what happens in the environment is likely to affect a person’s perception of a particular individual (Diclemente, Salazar & Crosby, 2013 p. 23). The perceptions posed by the individual are quite likely to affect the behavior of an individual. hence, behavior change. What happens in the environment may to a large extent affect the individual’s well-being. This means that the person adapts to the actions and operations that take place in the environment. The reverse of the elements affects each one in very unique ways. This theory is theory depends on the individual interconnectedness of the individual factors. People have various reasons why they perform certain actions. While it can never be independently verified the reason behind a given action, the individual is best placed to state the basis of whatever action. The intention of the individual underscores&nbsp.the basis of any action.&nbsp.This theory considers the fact that before an action is performed, there should be reasoning behind it. Simply put, actions are performed based on some reason.

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