Baseball mass

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Assignment

The question states a baseball has mass m = 0.145 kg is suspended vertically with L = 1.6 m and negligible mass. Take z as the upward vertical direction. A short-duration force F = Fyj + Fzk is applied to the baseball by a bat, momentarily creating a torque ? about the top of the string.a)Write an expression for the torque due to terms of m, L, Fy, Fz, and the unit vectors i, j, k.b)Calculate the magnitude of the torque, in newton meters, for the force F = (1.1 N)j – (4.6 N)k.c)Find the magnitude of the resulting momentary angular acceleration, in radians per second squared, of the ball about the top of the string.d)In order to have a torque of ? = (11.8 N?m)j, what must the value of the x-component of the force, Fx, be, in newtons?e)In order to have a torque of ? = (11.8 N?m)j, what must the value of the y-component of the force, Fy, be, in newtons?

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