Bargaining of Judaism

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Write a 2 page essay on Bargaining of Judaism.

During the foundation of this religion, God Discovers Abraham and calls him into a covenant. In this covenant, Abraham is called to be the father of numerous descendants who would be a special nation to God as they would be a case in point for the world. The world would be called to emulate this nation in terms of holiness and commendable conduct. For these special descendants, God would give the Land of Canaan or the Holy land between River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea. Today, this land comprises the territories of Israel and Palestine while the religion headquarters remains as Jerusalem despite the absence of a temple or other forms of jurisdictional influence ( para1).In order to guide the lives of the Israelites, God provided the Israelites with a set of rules. These rules were in the form of the Ten Commandments, which were to guide them. The rules were given to Moses at Mount Sinai. Other religious practices that the Jews were expected to adhere to were the sacrifices and prayer at the altar of sacrifice, sacred tree or stone pillar.

Sacrifices were meant for retaining a strong relationship with God through recognizing His authority and influence over their lives. In addition, the Israelites were expected to remain as a religious community. This was possible through Circumcision, a practice that was acceptable for all male children eight days after birth ( para11&12) further records that the relationship between the Jews was at first stormy and filled with challenges, especially during the journey to the Promised Land and in the Promised Land. For forty years, the Jews journeyed in the wilderness with Moses playing the key roles of a leader religiously, politically, military and legislatively. In the wilderness, God sustained them until He led them into the promised land of Canaan after entering into a covenant with them.

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