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Bampton Manor Hotel

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Essay on Bampton Manor Hotel. Paper must be at least 750 words. The report relies heavily on responses from key staff within the hotel that provide the picture of the internal operations of the business. It therefore brings to the limelight issues in the various departments including marketing, human resource, operations, as well as, finance (Bowie, 2002, p.34).The hotel initially served as wedding hotel but later changed due to frustrations in the business. The appointment of a new chef with experience in managing Michelin Restaurants was a step forward in ensuring the hotel positions itself as a boutique country hotel with a fine dining restaurant. Due to the high quality of the restaurant, the business has received three rosettes from the AA, thus enhancing its corporate image although the Michelin star would have given it much reputation (Balakrishnan, n.d, 2).The main marketing tool as per the marketing manager was the websites although no real data was available to analyze the same. Although the hotel had most people rating their services as excellent, they also received negative reviews with some complaining about prices being high while others categorized their services as poor especially during the busy periods. In addition, reviews indicated cases of staff rudeness, uncooperative behavior, and in some cases, others indicated that they were not aware of their roles.One of the issues was the shortage of staff experienced on Fridays and during the weekends more so because the current staff struggled to cope with the pressure. In addition, there was lack of enough training and orientation for the temporary staff that were brought in to work over the weekends. In this case, some of the staff did not know their roles as well as whom to report to. This is also notable with the operations manager’s frustrations that the head chef was not able to use the systems introduced to manage reservations and finance (Colvin, 2000).The operations manager was

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