Baltimore police department

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Write 1 page essay on the topic To change the culture of the Baltimore Police Department.Indeed prompt restructuring of the institutional framework governing the activities of police officers is needed.However, the commissioner and his team of experts are going to be faced with a number of challenges, prime of which is going to be dealing with the deep rooted culture of institutional racism among the police officers, which has been passed on from one generation to the other. Police departments have over the years adopted policing that is racially biased to such an extent that even African American police officers correlate the concept of crime with African Americans, and are more inclined to be suspicious of a fellow African American committing a crime than a Caucasian civilian. This is evidenced by the fact that of the six police officers charged with the murder of Freddy Gray, an African American youth, half of them were African Americans as well.According to Levine et al., the tactics employed by the police gradually enhance racial bias among the police officers, even those that were initially unbiased. Police officers are urged to intensely patrol the unprivileged neighbourhoods comprised mainly of African Americans, where crime is likely to be higher, which is a by-product of poverty. Therefore, due to their constant presence in black neighbourhoods, police officers record higher arrests in these neighbourhoods, further perpetuating the notion that African Americans are criminals and contributes to police officers associating crime with black civilians. In addition, in the past, local police departments used to receive federal grants to motivate local officers to make drug related arrests, a crime that is a by-product of the prevalent poverty among the black community. Deprogramming police officers to stop associating crime with African Americans is going to be very hard for Commissioner Batts (Levine,

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