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Baltic republics

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Choose 4 or 5 geographical points appropriate to your customized assignment. Provide maps, sourcing and context for these. For example, if for your customized assignment you decided to look at the role of the Baltic republics in the collapse of the Soviet Union, you would create the entirety of the map quiz revolving around this topic. You would list the four or five points, you would provide maps and sourcing for them, and you would give short context to each.An example item within that Baltic case may be: the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, i would then post a map and its sourcing, and for the context write something like: An independent republic from 1918 to 1940, occupied and forcibly annexed to the Soviet Union in 1940, joining as a Union Republic. In the late 1980s popular protest erupted questioning this incorporation and leading to a declaration of renewing independence in 1990 and independence achieved in 1991.If your customized assignment is thematic and not geographically specific you can define any 4 or 5 geographic hot spots linked to the end of the Cold War from the time period after 1991, even unrelated ones, and build a map quiz around those.For example, your customized assignment may be on propaganda and misinformation campaigns. You could either pull geographic site out of this, for example pointing to the geographic location of such a campaign OR you could create a map quiz unrelated to your customized assignment, but related to the course. It might include Hong Kong, the DMZ between North and South Korea, Kosovo, Transnistria. The quiz would then include a map and source for each and a few sentences of context.


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