Aviation security

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Write 2 pages with APA style on Aviation Security 2. ASCI 202 Introduction to Aeronautical Science Case Analysis Aviation Security

I. Summary Security is always important in the aviation industry. It starts with passengers then to the operations of the airport. All passengers expect all aircrafts to be proper working conditions to assure them of secure traveling. They also want the business to be safe so that all operations in the airport run smoothly (Ernico et. Al., 2012). Ownership is also a matter that is highly considered in the case of aviation. Either a private firm can own the airport, or the government can run it.

II. ProblemThe biggest challenge in this case is to choose the best ownership of the airport. It can either be private, run by the government or both (Zellan, 2003). This is because there are many airports with the three forms of ownership and operates smoothly.

III. Significance of the problem It is important for the airline to choose the best form of ownership (Zellan, 2003). Each form has some advantage sand disadvantages that should be well analyzed before a final decision is made. The three methods are good and have worked in many parts of the world but choosing the best option is the challenge.

IV. Development of Alternative Actions Alternative Action 1 Remaining with a government-operated system of administering airport security Advantages

a. The government ensures that its people are well protected. It will do anything to guarantee secure flights for the passengers. This is why it came up with the Transport Security Administration after the September 11 accident (National Research Council (E?.-U.). & National Research Council (E?.-U.), 2003).

b. There will be minimal financial constraints because the government will be responsible for providing funds that will ensure that all security details are in place (National Research Council (E?.-U.). & National Research Council (E?.-U.), 2003).

c. All activities will be under the Federal Aviation Administration that is known for quality control this assures passengers that they will have the best that the government can offer (National Research Council (E?.-U.). & National Research Council (E?.-U.), 2003). Disadvantages

a. The first disadvantage is in the delays in implementation of projects. The government has a history of, not implementing all the ideas right in time. There is historical evidence of the slowly run projects that have lead to inconveniences in the airline industry (National Research Council (E?.-U.). & National Research Council (E?.-U.), 2003).

b. When funds are not available, there are no alternatives methods of looking for money. It has to be released by the treasury regardless of the delays (National Research Council (E?.-U.). & National Research Council (E?.-U.), 2003).Alternative Action 2: returning to privately owned and operated, contracted airport security organizations Advantages

a. All projects and operations will be successful because of completion from other private firms. The airline will ensure that it has the best products in the market. This explains why the project with San Francisco airport with the federal government was a success. Since it was utilizing a private company, the government had little influence on it. It was focused on customer security and being the best in the market (Ernico et. al, 2012). Disadvantages a. Financial constraints can affect the security of the organization. This is in case investors are not willing to invest in the business. It could also be the cost of purchasing security equipment is costly such that the investors cannot afford (Ernico et. al, 2012).b. It is also risky because in case the airline goes down, the government will not be around to offer any backup (Ernico et. al, 2012).

V. Recommendation

When the federal government and the private sector are working together, security in the aviation industry will be successful (Zellan, 2003). The San Francisco international airport is a perfect example. It ran a small private company yet the government was a major shareholder. This means advantages form the private sector, and the government run operations will be combined to form a secure aviation industry. References Ernico, S., National Research Council (U.S.)., Airport Cooperative Research Program., & United States. (2012). Considering and evaluating airport privatization. Washington, D.C: Transportation Research Board. National Research Council (E?.-U.)., & National Research Council (E?.-U.). (2003). Airport research needs: Cooperative solutions. Washington, D.C: Transportation Research Board. Zellan, J. (2003). Aviation security: Current issues and developments. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science.

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