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Aviation security

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Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: Aviation security. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It promotes the growth of business activities such as tourism and import and export of goods and services. The primary objective of policy document entails addressing the issues related to security threats in Alexandria International airport in order to improve security (Kirsch & Rockwell, paras.1-3).Security should be as a paramount issue by the management of the airport. The management should play a proactive role in addressing security matters. Cases of accidents should be properly investigated, as the industry regulators require it. These investigations should be carried out in a free and fair manner to build trust of the concerned parties. Alexandria International Airport should liaise with private investigators whose responsibility will be to verify the authenticity of investigative reports (Department of Transport, Pg. 8).The airport needs to invest in the modern state of art security apparatus that will help mitigate the number of accidents and terrorism activities. However, prudence must be applied in purchasing such equipment, and procurement procedures have to be strictly adhered to. Procurement procedures ensure that procuring entities get the value for their money when they purchase commodities. The functionality of the equipment is another vital element that should be put in place to ascertain whether they have been designed to control insecurity. It may also help to determine whether they can counter breaches in security. Their strategy is meant to ensure that the airport is well prepared to contain emerging security breaches in time (Department of Transport, Pg 10).A major issue of concern with the airline industry is on environmental pollution. The industry has been accused of being irresponsible in protecting the environment. Carbon levels released from the industry have been increased hence depleting the ozone layer.


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