Autobiographical incident

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Essay Autobiographical Incident. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Some are funny and some might be very serious to talk about. However, the changes brought by such incidents on life always depend upon the severity of the happening. Here I would like to describe a personal experience that has positively affected my life and thought. This incidence always helps me to remain optimistic in my approach and vision.During last New Year holidays, I was busy in shopping with my friends at Holiday Markets in New York City. These markets offer greatest hits for lots of gifts so we were having a great time buying little packages for our family. Later on, we enjoyed coffee and sandwiches. It was hustle and bustle all around. All the shops were glowing with beautiful lights that also brightened up the whole stuff present in the shops. Just finishing the shopping, we planned to go back with our tokens of love for our family. At that moment when I was walking down the stairs of the last shop, I noticed a person who was crossing the road. This guy was physically disabled. He had both the hand missing and had only one leg. It appeared that he had passed through a terrible accident earlier. It was disgusting looking at an incomplete guy who was young and might have many dreams that cannot be fulfilled because of his filthy condition. However what made me so surprised was a glow and a smile on his face even after such a terrible experience. His face had an unlimited peace. I was wondering as for how he could grin in spite of being in a miserable state. I was so confused at that moment and wished to know the hidden truth behind that peaceful smile. This wish compelled me to go and ask what happened to him and what made him so relaxed even after such a bad experience. I crossed the road and reached nearby. I asked the guy what made him so relaxed in such circumstances. He told that for him happiness is not a matter of external events but it always lies how we react towards odd situations. Our mental attitude plays a great role in real life.

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