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Part 1In a 2 page paper, deliver an analysis of the threats, consequences and likelihoods you must consider to assess risks in your network, to your asset and/or links. Be concise, yet comprehensive.The following elements should be included in your paper:Consider and describe the threats that might impact each node or type of node. Links may be critical too, but absorb these in considering threats to your nodes. For example, if a road links 2 power production facilities, and its impassibility in the winter means employees do not make it to work, you should simply cast this threat in terms of how it impacts the node. In other words, there is a threat of employees not reporting to work because of the remoteness of facility and routinely impassable roads. Every node should have multiple potential threats, and these should be realistic and fully described. Do not choose obscure or extremely unlikely threats, or you will find that infinite possibilities exist. You must use professional and governmental sources to help identify realistic threats. Consider and list the potential consequences each of these threats might produce.Part 2Write a 1 page paper on how you would allocate a year’s budget to the assets in your network. Include at least three assets, determine a budget that is realistic for your network, and be specific about how much of it you would allocate to each asset and how it would be used. Also explain what strategy or methodology you used for determining your allocation.this will helpPart 1With the technological advancement, the healthcare center is now using electronic medical records (EMR) to store the patient’s record. This approach has helped to save the time wasted working on manual file to track information. This allows the nurses and health staff to share information easily and facilitate the treatment of the patients , and this makes the network a cascading network . When some images are taking from the patient by radiologist they are transferred by picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) to display, they are used to store the images as well as transfer them. Some health center has adopted the use of software that facilitates the access of patients from remote areas. However, despite the positive impact of the EMR, they have not been fully adopted in the health care and physician ( Boonstra & Broekhuis , 2010 )The system is sophisticated that it allows the clinician to access the information right from their tablets by accessing the CPOE. This technology enables them to share information with the department and is given instruction on how to tackle the issue they re dealing with.More so, the physician can access the information from anywhere and store them for further analysis not necessarily at the health center but anywhere even at home. Although the network is easy to use, it can only be used by the medical staff, the IT department, on the other hand, is responsible for the implementation as well as providing security need to the EMR in the network.When the information is accessed from the CPOES and EMR the operation becomes easier to handle. Under the supervision of the engineers who help to troubleshoot the technical issues as well as monitor the performance of the network.Part 2Among the possible vulnerabilities that can be associated with the issue revolving around the collapse of the bridge are the following: environmental condition, the intervention of the terrorist attack or even the bridge had not constructed properly. Although many suspicions have been brought up trying to find out the core reason why the bridge collapsed, it has been highly connected with terrorism whose aim was to cause death and injure people. The attack caused some people to die, some cars that were driving on the bridge drowned, the injured people were rushed to the hospitals. This could be due to the security agents had lost their focus or they should ensure similar incidences do not happen again.The other reason could have been the environmental conditions, the winter season could have caused huge ice to form on top of the bridge and hence add weight on the bridge. More so, the heavy rain season that can cause flood would have washed the bridge and cause it to collapse. Heavy rains have a huge force that they can exert on the bridge and hence cause it to collapse. The loss of life would not have been any different if it happened in winter.The poor construction of the bridge is another possible cause of the collapse. During the initial construction, some errors could have been left behind which then grew bigger as the bridge continued to be used. When the bridge could no longer stand the pressure from the load then it collapsed. The cost that is related to the collapse is loss of lives, injured victims, destruction of cars. The most likely reason for the collapse could have been the poor construction of the bridge, because if the bridge fell in summer where there was no ice that could have added weight on the bridge. The security was tight and therefore the collapse of the bridge cannot be linked to a terrorist.ReferencesBoonstra , A., & Broekhuis , M. (2010). Barriers to the acceptance of electronic medical records by physicians from systematic review to taxonomy and interventions.  BMC health services research ,  10 (1), 231.

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