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Pick a news article from a major newspaper (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Economist, Business week etc. Please remember you cannot use blogs and videos as articles). The article should be dated on or after 01 July 2016.Attach a copy of the article to your paper.The paper should be in the following formatThe paper should have a margin 1 inch on each side. Please use 12-point “Times New Roman” font with double spacing.The first paragraph should be a summary of the article. (100 words).The body of the paper should discuss the main microeconomic issues/ concepts that are being alluded to in the article. A good way to demonstrate your grasp of microeconomic concepts is to use microeconomic terminology learned in class. You must use graphs and other tools for explaining the microeconomic principles behind the article. The graph cannot be a cut and paste from the article. It is expected that you draw the graph for the article ( 600 words).Provide a conclusion to the paper by providing a recommendation that will help solve the microeconomic issue that you analyzed. (100 words).This paper is due by the end of week 16. By this time, you would have been exposed to / learned most of the important concepts in microeconomics. The paper will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills your ability to utilize the tools that you have learned in this class. I recommend that you start looking for an ideal news article by the 2nd or 3rd week of the course. This will help you frame your paper as you learn new economic concepts throughout the course.Margins: 1 inch from each side and justified (including the right side).Font size: Use 12-point “Times New Roman” font.Spacing: Use double space.Put your essay on top of the newspaper article(s)


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