Art In the 21st Century

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Write a 2 page essay on Is art In The 21st Century still influenced by modernism.Post minimalism on the other hand, is a term that is used to mean a range of styles that are related, yet which often have very, even opposing interests. Arising almost immediately after minimalism, it also refers to tendencies such as Body art, Process art, Performance, Site-Specific art, and aspects of Conceptual art. New developments in art and design came fast in the 1960s no sooner had minimalism started evolving. Unlike minimalism, the art often combines unusual, soft and often is used in more exploited and open structures.The first picture represents a sculpture that was modeled during the modern times while the second is that of the ancient contemporary art. While the ancient sculpture is characterized by simplicity and less expression, that of modern art has a range of styles ranging from a blend of colors to complexity in structure, symbolism and full of expression. It portrays a bolder meaning of sentiment and still maintains its traditional form. The intent behind the modern sculpture is obviously to make a more objective, expressive, and non-referential work of art. The background of the two sculptures bring out a more distinct look as the in the modern one the artist has invested a lot into his art.Characterized by structural tendencies of the body and process art, the artist makes an even smoother and shinier finish in the modern sculpture as compared to that of the ancient sculpture where only the visual content is appealing. Unlike the ancient sculpture that is characterized by simplicity, the modern sculpture is more definitive, descriptive and even more appealing.Johannesson, Kerstin, and Carl Andre. “INVITED REVIEW: Life on the margin: genetic isolation and diversity loss in a peripheral marine ecosystem, the Baltic Sea.” Molecular Ecology 15, no. 8 (2006): 2013-2029Knutsen, H., P. E. Jorde, Carl André, and N. C. H. R. Stenseth. “Fine?scaled geographical

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