Art and politics

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Art and politics: leo tolstoy and his influence on politics The political novel named “war and peace” had created a much strong influence on politicians and political arena around the globe. The novel had unique political perception and views which had strong ground on moral and ethical standard of human being. The novel “war and peace” mainly describes about the political scenario in Russia during 19th century. Tolstoy in this novel delivers response about the political events taken place in Russia during his era. Tolstoy was also a writer and thinker who had critical view on modernization and science. Tolstoy was never interested in mysticism and looked at world from a different view point. Tolstoy unlike other writers was deeply concerned with the development of the spiritual value of human race. He attempted to think different from old traditional ways and look at things from the perception of social thinker Aristotle. Mohandas Gandhi who was promoter of freedom in India was a great admirer of Tolstoy and his ideologies. According to (Mc Keogh 123) “The similarities and concurrences in the thought of Tolstoy and Gandhi have been highlight many times as both the men had same view on ethics and religion” The influence of Tolstoy on Politics War and peace is believed to be one of the greatest novels with a political theme and is unique in its theme and concept. Tolstoy through his novel wanted to show to the world that all human beings should be treated with love and respect without considering their status and wealth. He wants people to look inside and find happiness rather than looking outwardly. He believed in love and importance of relationships and value of religion in lives of human beings. Tolstoy had a specific view on politics and politicians attitude towards people .He did not believe in any political strategy and considered that way people lived their life cannot be considered as a strategy. He greatly influenced Gandhi’s to fight against social injustice prevailed in his country during British rule. Gandhi fought for the freedom for the people of India and performed non – violent resistance to social and economical problems. Gandhi’s positive attitude to nation and people has been a big influence from Tolstoy writings in upgrading the status of people and his nation . However, Tolstoy was against politics but believed in religions and ethical rules for living. According to Tolstoy, human beings are objects and not subjects in real life. He believes that people have to put in practice the message of Christ in their life to lead a peaceful life. Tolstoy had a rigid, legalist and uncreative view on life. As per ( Cambria Press)“Tolstoy was a religious pacifist rather than an ethical or political one. His pacifism was rooted not in a moral doctrine or political theory but in his straightforward reading of the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels”. Tolstoy has strongly propagated the idea of non violence in his writings and speeches. In his article (Balasubramaniam) writes that “Tolstoy spent his entire life wrestling with questions of identity and conscience, and his heroes similarly struggled with these philosophical questions”. Tolstoy attempted to make the world understand that human have limited power and he has to do the best with the restricted powers given to him by God. He influenced people around the world that violence is heartless and people need to adhere themselves to the law of nature and God.

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