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Write 2 page essay on the topic ResearchahottopicrelatedtoyourfieldBusinessandwritearhetoricalanalysisofyourdiscoursecommunitys writtencommunicativepractices.Explainwhatyoufindappealing/unappealingaboutyourprofessionsu.For example, management can be divided into different sections such as human resource management, organizational management and similar areas of management. However, the background of this community is built on companies and how they work in order to contribute to the whole lot. In order to understand the business discourse community, a rhetorical analysis of articles in this area is necessary.In the article by Zaccaro and Klimoski, the authors explain about organizational leadership and how it is used in different organizational levels. From this and other arguments by these authors, it is clear that leadership is an important factor in the business world. However, leadership does not stand alone. Instead, it is influenced by other variables such as social, interpersonal and cognitive variables. In fact, the authors state that research studies or articles that tend to focus on one area of leadership are incomplete (Zaccaro and Klimoski).The importance of leadership in the business world is also seen in another article by Hartog and Koopman who uses the terms, commoners and leaders to emphasize on the importance of leadership. Based on what can be learned from the two authors, leadership seems to go beyond the business world as it is also applicable in other areas (Hartog and Koopman). This fact reinforces Zaccaro and Klimoski’s earlier argument that focusing on one area of leadership is incomplete. This fact points out that business communities have their own goals, which they maintain and communicate among one another in efficient manners (John 500).From the different articles that explain about leadership and its role in the business discourse community, different leadership genres can be identified. For example, some leadership genres that are significant in the business community setting include charismatic leadership, servant leadership and transformational leadership (Eagly and Mary).After reviewing these articles

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