Areas of human rights

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Submit a 250 words essay on the topic Discussion 4.1.This policy covers the main areas of human rights such as discrimination, it covers both student and employee misconduct and therefore there is no special treatment for any group, the alleged cases of students are handled differently from those of employees which are covered under the “Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment” policy, this policy has a clear procedure that should be followed when a breach of rules occurs thus enhances order in the university. However it is important to note that the policy covers only a few areas leaving out others like, examination misconducts for example cheating and doing examinations for another person, does not cover the instructional area of the teaching process in that it does emphasize on how learners are taught. The learners can advocate for the incorporation of areas not covered by the policy, this means that learners can easily raise the issue of amendment of the policy to favor their learning environment.Capella university. (2004, april 2). University Policy 4.02.04 Discrimination, Harrassment, and Assault. Retrieved from Capella University:

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