Appraising and developing staff

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Write an article on Appraising and Developing Staff. It needs to be at least 2750 words. It should be clear to the parties involved in the appraisal process that the outcome of the appraisal process may be positive or negative, but the intention is usually positive for the employees. In essence, performance appraisal is meant to help the employees to evaluate their previous year’s work and also develop strategies for improvement. They are empowered to overcome the challenges faced in the workplace for improved performance. It is important to ensure that anxiety among the employees is controlled by ensuring that the appraisers demonstrate supportive and positive intentions for the employees. This is accomplished through positive criticism. Credibility is also a significant aspect of effective employee appraisal. The technique applied for the appraisal should not be weird (Harris & DeSimone, 1994).It is important to develop performance goals, which are significant in employee motivation. The goal theory of motivation explains the significance of managers who are able to enhance the pursuance of a common purpose. When the employees are aware of the goal that they are intending to achieve, they are motivated to be effective in the accomplishment of tasks. The experienced employees ensure that they maintain good performance and are encouraged to make the right decisions that can facilitate realization of the goal. Appraisers who encourage creativity are able to maintain a competent workforce. Employees derive enthusiasm from coming up with workable ideas that can be attributed to their ability to think critically. Failure to get such a chance to demonstrate inventiveness may cause low spirits in the workplace especially when the employees are used to rely on the leader for decisions (Aguinis, 2009). Managers who promote creativity in the workplace also promote organizational learning since workers are able to learn from the diverse inventions. They also learn together with the workers.

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