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Antibiotic streptomycin

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The questions are shown in the picture.A) What is filter and what are common types?B) Streptomyces were grown and produced a broth that contains…A ) What is filter media and what are common types ?B ) Streptomyces were grown and produced a broth that contains the antibiotic streptomycin .The Streptomyces needs to filtered from the broth . The following data was found using a testfilter for a broth containing the antibiotic streptomycin and a filter aid :"Filtration time ( S )| Volume of Filtrate ( 1 )50. 0 40100 . 055200. 080300. 095The filtrate has a viscosity of 1 . 7 CP and the filter leaf has a total area of O. I ft 2 . The pressure*drop is 20 in . of mercury and the feed contains 0. 015 kg dry cake per liter . Determine thespecific cake resistance and the medium resistance ."C ) What is a filter aid , what are common types , and what is it used for ?"D ) A rotary vacuum filter is to be used to filter 15 , 000 1 1 h of a beer containing streptomycin . Ourfilter has a cycle time of 50 s and an area of 37 . 2 m Z . It operates under a vacuum of 20 in . Ha .The pretreated broth forms an incompressible cake with the resistance found above in B .Calculate the filtration time ( cake formation time ) needed per cycle and what fraction of therotary drum must be submerged in the broth to achieve this ."E ) We want to wash the cake from D until only 1 % of the retained solubles is left , and we expectthat the washing efficiency will be 70% and that 1 % of the filtrate is retained . Find the washing .time .


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