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Antenna characteristics

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Answer /discuss the following 15 questions. Your answers should have detailed explanations. Topics: Antenna characteristics, Reflectors, Satellite orbits, Application of geostationary satellites, Isotropic radiation, Half-wave dipole, radiation resistance, radiation pattern, far field region, gain and diversity, directivity, folded dipole, monopole dipole, ground plane antenna, loop antennas, discone antenna.Questions:1) How is the Field strength at a distance from an antenna measured?2) What is a Yagi array?3) How can an antenna be matched to a feed line?4) What does “Directivity” mean for antennas?5) Why can AM radio stations often be received at distances beyond the horizon?6) What does Geostationary mean?7) What are “uplink” and “downlink”?8) What does LEO stand for?9) What is the relationship between the distance of a satellite to Earth and its velocity.10) How much is the power level for an Earth station to transmit to a satellite?11) Why are geostationary satellites unsatisfactory for communications from regions near the poles of the earth?12) Why must a geostationary satellite orbit also be equatorial?13) What are “perigee” and “apogee”?14) What does MEO stand for?15) Name the components of a satellite communication system.


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