Analyzing a literary motif

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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Analyzing a literary motif (element) in Three Dirges.His response shows the desperation of a man looking for answers. he cries out to the villagers to tell him the way forward. He seems uncertain of the events that will transpire if he carries out the command. This uncertainty leaves the reader at suspense and makes it easier to suspect that shocking events will happen (Brooks 21).The visual description of the Indian skyrocket exemplifies the element of foreshadowing. The skyrocket acts as a warning that foreshadows a danger to be encountered in the future. The brilliance, as well as the echo of the skyrocket, alerts the villagers of a danger since their village encounters some internal strife. This creates panic and immense fear all over the entire community. Similarly, the reader can tell of a likely danger due to the skyrocket. In case the skyrocket did not catch the attention of the villagers, the mission bells could have foreshadowed an evil, which is unknown, and threatening to the village.Further, the author foreshadows sadness and fear through the cries of the village women. An excerpt of the story describes how the anguish of a woman “pierced” the still and early morning. Moreover, a duet of wails followed the anguish and a chorus of cries (Brooks 23). This clearly shows that the women foresee the immense torment and danger that awaits the village. Moreover, the religious officials’ procession, which heads the same destination as the women, triggers the somber mood in the story. The religious officials also fulfill their ceremonial obligations in manner portraying that they have lost hope.The hope further dwindles when the young men led by the older men head to the cemetery. The cemetery foreshadows and predicts what will happen. The young men meet their fate with a lot of brevity as they seem willing to sacrifice themselves and their lives. The author says that the five young men

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