Analytical methods

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N1=258KN; N2=22m; N3=207mm these are the parameters to calculate the reactions Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 32:58 PM Thu Mar 217 57%lowell.umassonline.netMECH.3110 Applied Strength of MaterialsSPRING 2019FINITE ELEMENT PROJECT NO. 2The objective of this project is to apply finite element methods and analytical methods toinvestigate the response of beam structures to boundary conditions and applied loads.The structures under investigation are shown in Figs. 1 and 2.10 Ib/in5"EI100"Material: SteelMaterial: Structural A36 Steel (E=29.0×106 Ib/in2, v=0.32)Fig. 1 Schematic of beam dimensions and loading configurationAssignment – Part 11. Complete the beam tutorial, and generate a screen capture of the deformed structurefrom the finite element analysis. (A screen capture of the Abaqus/CAE window witha white background and the date and time is acceptable.)2. Save your files using the following filename formats:a. Lastname1_Lastname2_1.caeb. Lastname1_Lastname2_1.ODB< Abaqus/CAE model file< Output file written for Abaqus/CAE3. To Blackboard, each team member must submit an identical project INDIVIDUALLY:a. A single pdf file containing (in report format or powerpoint slide deck):i. An appropriate headingii. A completed results table formatted as shown in Table 1ili. The graphic described in Part 1, Item 1iv. Pages MUST have each member’s SID# in the footer.b. The two files described in Part 1, Item 2Table 1. Propped cantilever beam results using finite element methodFEM ResultsOpin (radians)Rpin (Ibs)

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