Analysis of a Classic Shakespeare’s

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Write an essay on Analysis of a Classic Shakespeare’s Work Macbeth.

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The essay “Analysis of a Classic Shakespeare’s Work Macbeth” talks about the play Macbeth, a timeless classic, as are all works of Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s Macbeth was set in tenth and eleventh century Scotland. It was a rugged land and poor by today’s standards. Our presentation of the setting will change this slightly, and move it to the middle of London, part of what many call the greatest city on earth. It is not the location that makes Macbeth great. It is the way in which the characters react with callousness and indifference to opportunity. We can take those reactions and put them anywhere and achieve the same results. As a matter of fact, contemporary society is a perfect place to relate to the greed which motivated Macbeth.

The story of Macbeth is the story of guilt and greed perfectly displayed. What better way to relate those things in modern days than by comparison with commerce and finance. You laugh, you scoff, and I say (in true Shakespearian tone), nay do not laugh. When reading the text of Shakespeare’s plays, we use whatever description Shakespeare gives us to create a mental picture of a character. Corporate business is a cutthroat, backstabbing world. Only the best survive and move to the top. People today are used to these types of battles, and the intrigue and deceit that goes with it. Politics today are still a backstabbing career. Candidates for office often destroy their opponent’s reputations in an effort to win the election. It’s much like the war in Macbeth.

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