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American Presidents

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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: American Presidents. Assignment on American presidents Assignment on American presidents This assignment is an analysis of some few facts about theUS Presidents based on the party with which they were elected to office and also their term in office.Q. In the history of American leadership there have been eighteen presidents elected on the Republican Party ticket. Q2 and 3. Out of the eighteen Republican presidents, only three of them were 50 years of age or less while seven presidents were elected on the Democratic party ticket with 50 years or less in age. Q4. The total number of presidents who were 50 years or less at their time of inauguration was 9. The number of American presidents who served one term or less was 23 out of the total 44 presidents. Most of these presidents were assassinated while still in office.Q5. Out of the 23 there was only one Republican president elected while less than 50 years of age and served less than one term. Q6. The American presidents who were elected on a Republican Party ticket and were over 50 years at their time of inauguration were 15. Q7. In the entire Us history, there were only nine presidents who were 50 years or less at the time of inauguration and out of these three were Republican and seven Democrats. Q8. There has been a total of 21 presidents in the US who served more than one term in office with one of them going for three terms. Q9. For the period America has been independent there have been 26 presidents who were not elected on the Republican Party ticket.Q10. There was only one US Republican president elected while less than 50 years of age and died before he completed his first term in office. His name is James Garfied. Garfied was assassinated 120 days to his second term. This made him one of the shortest serving presidents in the US history.


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