American Government assignment three

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Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the media exposure given to politicians is the negative advertisement used in negative campaigning. While this form of publicity – highlighting the negative aspects of an opposition candidate rather than merely proposing positive principles and intentions – is unacceptable to some, and even considered immoral, it has become very much a part of the political landscape. It is also not only restricted to the mainstream: Party websites, blogs, public video platforms, even social networking sites were all used in the latest American Presidential elections.

Since newsworthy events rely on conflict, it is so that the more negative aspects of campaigning and the candidates’ actions and histories are published more readily. While the coverage of the President is perhaps generally more circumspect (Gitelson, Dudley, and Dubnick, publication date: pp. 265-269) politicians campaigning for office cannot escape the negative news that may emerge from the media.

Given the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech that are such cornerstones of the US Constitution, it must be asserted that while negative advertising is perhaps not tasteful or even valuable in gaining votes, it should not be regulated or prevented. Political life is public, and the people who enter it should be able to stand up to public scrutiny on all

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