Ambassador theatre group

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Create a 2 page paper that discusses ambassador theatre group. ?Ambassador Theatre GroupThe research is conducted over the Ambassador Theatre Group of London. The group renown by ATG, is running several theatres and cinema houses in Britian. Few among the ATG projects include the New Victoria and Rhoda McGaw Theatres and the award-winning 6 screen cinema complex, Ambassador Cinemas. New Alexandra Theatre Birmingham. Edinburgh Playhouse. Princess Theatre, Torquay. and the list goes on. (ATG, 2011). The business growth that ATG has achieved in less than two decades is a success story, specially attributed to Joint Chief Executive & Creative Director Howard Panter and Joint Chief Executive&nbsp.Rosemary Squire OBE. Hoyle (2009) has recognizes the effort in these words, “It is an extraordinary story and one that could have distinct consequences for theatre goers, particularly in the regions, where the Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) now has five times as many seats as any other operator.” ATG also acquired Live Nation’s Theatres in 2009 to further strengthen its market share. The group achieved the stature of single largest theatre group from scratch as Nighingale states, “That’s the challenge for Howard Panter and Rosemary Squire — who have seen ATG grow from nothing into the most important theatre group in the nation — have wisely or unwisely set themselves.” (Nighingale, 2009)The business of ATG falls under the domain of art and media production, theatre and cinema industry. The ATG group run theatre and cinema, produces and invest in plays, films, dramas, live shows, comedy plays etc. It is a vast business sector that has diverse footings. “The arts, entertainment & recreation sector is a vast industry classification as per the NAICS – North American Industry Classification System. It covers businesses like theatre companies, dance companies, musical groups, artists, spectator and many others.” (Trident, n.d.). The ATG group business is operating in several sector of the industry including the media production, theatre management and ticketing etc. The theatre was founded by Howard Panter and Rosemary Squire in the year 1992 the couple has marvelous history of enthusiastic pursuits. Sir Eddie Kulukundis is the life president of the group and has enormous contributions towards the revival of the art and entertainment industry in Britain. The love of the creative art was the driving force behind the concept of a fanatic couple, “Seventeen years ago a pair of theatre obsessive went into business together to build a theatre in Woking.” (Hoyle 2009). The theatre has now developed into a matchless huge corporation that operates worldwide from a mere innovation of two ambitious art lovers.The group not only successfully retain the successes achieved in the early years of the company but has shown a great caliber to build upon these early success Ashton (2009) has noted the same, “ATG, set up in 1992 by husband and wife team Howard Panter and Rosemary Squire, will dominate London’s West End, managing more than 11,000 theatre seats.” Beyond this success story, the Ambassador Theatre Groups has an unparallel symbolic significance for art lovers to work hard and achieve the heights that Howard Panter and Rosemary Squire had never dreamed. ReferencesATG, (2009). Ambassador Theatre Group, About us, Retrieved from, James. (2009). Ambassador Theatre Group in £100m deal with Live Nation, The Times. Retrieved from, Ben. (2009). £90m acquisition takes Ambassador Theatre Group to the next stage, The Times. Retrieved from, Benedict. (2009). Ambassador Theatre Group will breathe new life into old houses, The Times. Retrieved from, (n.d). Arts, entertainment & recreation – sector overview, Trident Consultant Inc. Retrieved from.

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